Year One Supplements Update

Ancients Consider the Years Cover

This is an update for customers who are waiting to start our new Year One, Ancients materials with their high schoolers. The first three weeks of Consider the Years, Cool History for Upper Middles, Cool History for Advanced and Hands-On Maps for Advanced are now available in our free three-week sample bundle. You can download the bundle HERE and get started if you wish. Here’s what’s happening with our other supplements:

  1. The full version of Hands-on Maps for Advanced is now available in both e-book and hardcopy.
  2. Cool History for Upper Middles is nearly complete and will appear in e-book format within a few days. Hardcopies will take another ten days to two weeks to come from the printer’s.
  3. Cool History Advanced will appear in e-book format within three weeks, Lord willing, so that customers who start now can continue without interruption. Hardcopies will follow soon after.
  4. The new Discussion Guide will come out in October.

Thank you for your patience, and blessings for a great year of Ancient History!

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