Upcoming Conventions

These are the 2021 Conventions BiblioPlan will be attending:

  • You can find BP reps at all these conventions:

    1. Nashville, TN: TTD, March 18-20
    2. Greenville, SC: GHSC, March 18-20 (Julia speaking)
    3. Charles, MO: GHSC, March 25-27 (Julia speaking)
    4. Allen, TX: THSC, April 29-May 1 (BP Vendor workshop)
    5. Wichita, KS: TPA, May 21-22 (BP Vendor workshop)
    6. Orlando, FL: FPEA, May 27-29
    7. Woodlands, TX THSC, May 27-29 (BP Vendor workshop)
    8. Winston-Salem, NC: NCHE, May 27-29
    9. Lancaster, PA: CHAP, June 12-13 (CANCELED)
    10. Anaheim, CA: CHEA, June 10-12
    11. Albuquerque, NM: CAPE, June 11-12 (BP Vendor workshop)
    12. Richmond, VA: HEAV, June 10-12 (VIRTUAL, Julia speaking)
    13. Ontario, CA: GHSC, June 17-19 (BP Vendor workshop)
    14. Denver, CO: CHEC, June 17-19
    15. Dallas, TX: ACCS, June 15-18
    16. Round Rock, Texas: GHSC, July 8-10
    17. Phoenix, AZ: AFHE, July 16-17 (BP Vendor workshop)
    18. Atlanta, GA: SEHE, July 30-31 (Julia speaking)
    19. Rochester, NY: GHSC, August 5-7 (Julia speaking)
    20. Cincinnati, OH: GHSC, August 12-14 (Julia speaking)

 We hope to see you there!

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