Get to Know BP Timelines

BP Timelines are year-long, cut-and-paste project books that help students understand the flow of history. Each Timeline has two sections: a picture section with cutouts for each lesson, and a flowchart section with a space for each cutout. To build them, students simply paste each cutout in its proper space. The work of building them takes students back through their lessons, showing them which figures and events were contemporary with which others from around the world.

USS Arizona
USS Arizona going down at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941
Timeline Wall Option
Timeline Wall Option

Sample Pages from the BP Timeline (Click a cover to choose a year:)

Ancients Timeline Cover
Ancients Sample
Medieval Timeline Cover
Medieval Sample
Early Modern Timeline Cover
Early Modern Sample
Modern Timeline Cover
Modern Sample


Building a Timeline can benefit any student from K – 12.

The answer is up to you. Some parents and teachers have each student build a Timeline, while others prefer to build one together as a family or class.