Biblioplan is one of my favorite curricula.  We are starting into our ninth year of homeschooling, and I have seen a lot of curricula, some truly not wonderful. Yours I love and recommend to others. For my son this is his second time through, once in early grade school and again at the high school level (It’s so nice that you made it multi-level). In fact, I will be keeping the Companion textbooks for my own reference and enjoyment once we are done.

Home schooling parent

“I just wanted to thank you for providing such a great curriculum. This is our first year using BiblioPlan and I was hesitant at first to make the investment. I am so glad that I did! We are about 10 weeks into Year 1 and it is wonderful! My children are learning so many things that I NEVER knew. I love the comprehensive list of resources which allows me the ability to pick and choose the best way to present the information to my children. I am currently teaching my 6 and 7 year old (1st and 2nd grade) and I get so excited at the broad range of information presented. I know that when we cycle through year 1 again, in a few years, there will be even more for their hungry minds to digest and it will be anything but redundant. Thank you so much again for this excellent resource. I am already excited for next year and all that we will learn in Year 2!”

Home schooling parent

“The children and I love this curriculum. It is easy to use, full of detail, and full of fun. We are learning together and that makes it easy on mom! Teaching all the children at the same time is a mom’s dream and BiblioPlan allows that to happen!

If you are looking for a bible and history curriculum that is easy to teach to multiple children at the same time while having fun and being creative, you will want to check out BiblioPlan and their Ancient Bundle for Middles.”


Amanda Hopkins,  August 2020
Home schooling parent

“Loving the Remember the Days book! As an adult history geek and parent of tweens and teens I LOVE the Companion, but it was proving way too heady for my 10 and under kiddos. So we bit the bullet and got the Remember the Days too. PERFECT! The girls (6, 6, 8, and 10) were engaged, fascinated, and understood everything. The vital information is all there, just on their level. You have impressed me yet again. Thank you for great homeschool history products.”

Home schooling parent

“Please send us year four! We just loved your program last year! I appreciated having everything all laid out for me, and my kids loved all the books you chose!”

Home schooling parent

Please send year three… I am so thankful that you have put it all together. We have thoroughly enjoyed the previous two BiblioPlans! History is the highlight of our day! We love the family read-alouds!”

Home schooling parent

“Thank you for all your efforts! Studying history this past year has been so much more fun and stress-free because of this program!”

Home schooling parent

“I love the way the curriculum is 1) easy to understand (quite clearly written) and 2) flexible. I was an editor and a history major, so I especially appreciate how well-designed the program is. To all of you… well done.”

Home schooling parent

“After doing MUCH research and thoroughly going through my friend’s BiblioPlan, I think you have put together one of the best studies out there!”

Home schooling parent

“Our family considers this resource to be a tremendous blessing and are thankful for the extensive work of the authors!”

from The Well Trained Mind message board

“I want to thank you for the quality work you have put into your product. We have been able to study history from such a Biblical perspective, and we get into great discussions. My children are learning valuable, lifelong lessons, not just memorizing facts. It would be much more difficult for me without the organization and thought you have put into BiblioPlan. History is our favorite subject!”

Home schooling parent

“I have finally found what I’m looking for… Your BiblioPlan seems to have exactly what I want: simple, reduces the number of sources to excellent choices…”

Home schooling parent

“Your Biblioplan for Ancients is my second one to purchase and I have been thrilled. Thank you for such a helpful resource. We have finally been able to make the time that we have wanted for getting our History in. Thank you!”

Home schooling parent

“Of all the history curriculum available for history these days, we still love BiblioPlan best. Thank you for this excellent resource… We especially love the books you have chosen for each age level. It has saved me tons of time at the library.”

Home schooling parent

“I give this program all the stars possible. It is versatile, flexible and very user-friendly. I had myself trying out the plan within hours of its arrival in my home. If you, like me, love the classical model of education and long to follow the Well-Trained Mind but lack the time or resources or energy to put to all together, relax!”

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

“I am LOVING BP!!!!!! We have had the hardest time finding a History curriculum that fits us! I so wish this was available in our earlier home education years. There are many wonderful history curricula out there but this one has it all!!! … BP is EXACTLY what I have been looking for all our 13 yrs. of home educating! I am NOT a lesson planner, nor do I enjoy the frustration of having to hunt down books, maps, and making timelines! BP has made it all so simple and concise and easy to follow for any age group. My daughter is enjoying her lessons and I LOVE that we will have a finished timeline and books of maps from the “Beginning of Time” to present day. The colorful artwork and boxes of information are SO nice to study and look at… I am done looking for another history program!!! FINALLY!!!”

Home schooling parent

“I have to tell you, I absolutely love Biblioplan. I recommend it all the time. My four kids are 8, 12 (dyslexic), 13 (Asperger’s), and 13. The curriculum gives me the flexibility to teach them all at their own levels with very little sweat and tears from me!!”

Home schooling parent

We cannot even begin to express how much we LOVE your curriculum and are so thankful for the thorough history lessons with an accurate Biblical worldview. We’ve  done cyclical history curricula since the beginning of our home schooling journey, 11 years ago, but we all agree, we only learned a small fraction of history compared to that which is covered in the Biblioplan Companion. History is SO VITAL and how amazing that this school year we landed on year 3, and the rich and apropos study of early American history! It’s incredible! 

Home schooling parent

“BiblioPlan offers a unique approach for teaching history for grades K through 12 together.” — from this review in Cathy Duffy Reviews

Cathy Duffy Reviews
Magazine Review

While the BiblioPlan Family Guide gives detailed page suggestions for each weekly topic from other homeschool-friendly history books, the program is best complemented when paired with The BiblioPlan Companion, Year One: A Text for Ancient History. This 354-page softcover resource is your go-to book for the stories behind all those history dates. It is hard to explain what is covered in each lengthy lesson because they are so thorough. Blending the best of secular ancient history and biblical history, your family will not only read about the prophets and Kings of Israel, but you will also come to understand Israel’s place in the history of the ancients. Do you know the tie in between the Assyrians and the Samaritans? You will find that out in the Companion! This is just one example of the many you will discover when you dive into this blended history resource. It brings to life the work of God and helps us place His people and events in their proper setting for better understanding, and growth in faith!” — from this this review  in The Old Schoolhouse magazine

“If you are looking for a Christian-focused history curricula that blends both the secular and the sacred, you will find it here… Year Two covers the following subjects: Medieval History, Church History, Geography, Biography, Literature, Art History— and more— all with the focus of glorifying God.” — from this review in The Old Schoolhouse magazine

Biblioplan is the perfect blend of variety, versatility and comprehensiveness. The guide is loaded with coordinated resources to give students as much or as little depth as they are ready for. The Companions are high quality, color, and bursting with high interest information and photos. While the Cool Histories books allow customization for various ages and ability levels, the discussion guide brings the students back together to share their new knowledge as a family. The recommended readers and read alouds are fantastic and we especially love the out of print recommendations that would otherwise be lost to lesser more recent works. Of all we have looked at and all we have tried Biblioplan is hands downs the best history out there for the multi-level family homeschool.

Homeschooling Parent

Just had to share with you how wonderfully Biblioplan is working for our family. We finished up our first round of history this past fall, did a short unit on our state history, and then started on Ancients about 8 weeks ago. We are loving it! …We love the Companion, the associated Bible readings, and the Victor Journey Through the Bible along with the living book suggestions. The maps have the instructions printed right on the map. With five kids doing maps, this has been a huge help since each child has their own set of instructions and they don’t need to refer to the teachers book. They are able to do the maps on their own once I briefly explain them as a group. The Cool History questions are great for review and your timeline images are very nicely done. All of my kids have special needs which include ADHD, intellectual disabilities, CP, and dyslexia and Biblioplan works for all of them. Now that I have five children, I no longer have tons of time to plan out my own history curriculum but that is no problem since Biblioplan requires so little planning… for the first time ever, I think I can stay on schedule and we are all enjoying the program. Thank you for you, your husband, and your sons’ hard work on all of the parts of this wonderful program. You have done a fabulous job and I finally have the history curriculum I have always wanted.

Homeschooling Parent