Get to Know BP Hands-On Maps

BP Hands-On Maps are geography workbooks that go with the lessons in Remember the Days and the Companion. Why do history students need geography workbooks? Because for BP students, geography and history go hand-in-hand. Map work shows students where history happened, and how geography can affect history.

BP offers two different Hands-On Maps for two different types of students. Click the titles below to learn more, or watch our video introduction.

Ancients Hands-On Maps for Middles CoverHands-On Maps for Middles are fun assignments for Remember the Days readers. Students complete one or two maps per week, depending on the topics covered that week. The directions are printed right on the page, which makes our maps easy to manage. A typical set of directions has students labeling countries, coloring bodies of water, and drawing symbols to show who went where.

Sample Pages from Hands-On Maps for Middles
(Click a year to choose):

Ancients Sample  ~~~  Medieval Sample

Early Modern Sample  ~~~  Modern Sample

Modern Hands-On Maps for Advanced CoverHands-On Maps for Advanced are more serious maps for Companion readers. They cover the same areas as the middles maps, but with longer directions and more detail. Our advanced maps include tests for parents and teachers who need them.

Sample Assignments from Hands-On Maps for Advanced
(Click a year to choose):

Ancients Sample  ~~~  Medieval Sample

Early Modern Sample  ~~~  Modern Sample


Hands-On Maps for Middles is for Remember the Days readers, and Hands-On Maps for Advanced for Companion/Consider the Years readers. But since both texts cover the same areas, either workbook can work with either textbook.

Since the work is done directly on the map, it’s easiest if each student has his or her own workbook.