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BiblioPlan is a classical history and literature curriculum for Christian homeschoolers, co-ops, and schools. We combine a classical survey of history with historical literature. Students read history from our colorful, in-depth textbooks while also enjoying great literature from and about the eras of history they’re studying. We have our own textbooks, workbooks, timeline project books, craft books, and more to promote deeper understanding. BiblioPlan weaves Biblical and Church History into the overall historical narrative.

BiblioPlan can be used for students of all ages— from the youngest kindergarteners to the most advanced high schoolers. Parents choose whichever resources they like, finding the perfect mix for each student. All students can study the same eras of history at the same time, covering the same topics in the same order. But each student can study in his or her own way, using resources chosen especially for him or her. This is especially helpful for families who are teaching multiple grades!

We invite you to check out all of our products here at and don’t forget to download our free three week sample! BiblioPlan is not a “one size fits all” curriculum and here on our website you’ll also find tips for helping all types of learners.