Using BP for Co-ops and Schools

BiblioPlan makes a great fit for home school cooperatives and Christian schools. And so it should; for it was born in one of the biggest co-ops in the USA: ACTS in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Co-op illustration

BP’s design grew out of years of experience teaching in homeschool cooperatives. Knowing what teachers are up against, we packed our program with ideas for drawing students out and keeping them engaged. Our family guides offer endless suggestions for outside reading and writing assignments. Our discussion guides help liven up class time, while our craft books offer activities that are simple, memorable and fun. Click the options below to see how BP caters to co-ops and schools.

Christian schools should email to make arrangements. We offer discount codes for all school purchases, plus special bulk pricing for those who need multiple copies of our e-books.

Homeschool co-ops should email for a discount code and any other special arrangements. In general, co-ops with 7 or more families receive a 15% discount code to use on all purchases; co-ops with 20 or more receive 20%; and co-ops with 35 or more receive 25%.

BP also offers Teacher’s Guides that are exclusively for teachers at Christian schools and co-ops. Email for more on these.