BP Notebooking: Countries of the World

BP Notebooking covers all the countries of the world in four years. Year 1 covers countries of Asia; Year 2, countries of Europe; Year 3, countries of the Americas and Oceania; and Year 4, countries of Africa. 

Like all BP notebooks, these can be customized for different grade levels. There are three pages per country, each more detailed than the last:

  1. Students in grades 2 – 4 might complete only the first page, which covers basic data about the country: its capital, system of government, major ethnic groups, religions and so on.
  2. Students in grades 4 – 8 might add the second page, which covers national symbols.
  3. Grades 8 – 12 might add the third page, which asks for a brief report on the country’s history and geography.
Flags of the World

Click the titles below to learn more about specific years:

Hands-On Asia CoverYear 1 covers 49 Asian countries, divided into six groups:

  1. Northern Middle East;
  2. Southern Middle East;
  3. South Asia;
  4. Central Asia;
  5. East Asia; and
  6. Southeast Asia.

Click the cover at right to see a sample:

Hands-On Europe CoverYear 2 covers 43 European countries, divided into six regions:

  1. the Balkans;
  2. Northern Europe and the Baltic States;
  3. Central Europe;
  4. Western Europe;
  5. Southern Europe; and
  6. Eastern Europe.

Click the cover at right to see a sample page:

Hands-On Americas and Oceania CoverYear 3 covers  49 countries of the Americas and Oceania, divided into six groups:

  1. the West Indies;
  2. North America and Central America;
  3. South America Part I;
  4. South America Part II;
  5. Australasia and Melanesia; and
  6. Micronesia and Polynesia.

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Hands-On Africa CoverYear 4 covers 54 African countries, divided into five groups:

  1. North Africa;
  2. Southern Africa;
  3. Central Africa;
  4. East Africa; and
  5. West Africa.

Click the cover at right to see a sample page: