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Remember the Days is our series of fun history texts for grades K – 8. These books teach history the way kids like to learn it: in story form, with a friendly layout and plenty of colorful pictures. Amaze your kids with great stories from around the world, and from ancient times down through modern times. Study World History, U.S. History, Church History, Geography and more—all in order, in context and written from a Christian worldview.

"The Battle of Trenton" by Charles McBarron

Sample Chapters from BP Remember the Days (Click a cover to choose a year:)

Ancients Remember the Days Cover
Ancients Sample
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Medieval Sample
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Early Modern Sample
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Modern Sample
Remember the Days also comes in MP3 audio!
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Remember the Days can fit every grade level from kindergarten through early high school. That being said, we find that it fits upper elementary and middle school students best.

The workbooks that go with Remember the Days are Cool History for Littles, Cool History for Middles and Hands-on Maps for Middles. Students need the extra material found in the Companion to do Cool History for Upper Middles, Cool History for Advanced and Hands-On Maps for Advanced.