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BP Timelines are special books with two sections: a picture section with several cutouts for each lesson, and a flowchart with captions for each cutout. Each week, students cut out the appropriate figures and paste them in the proper place on their flowcharts, illustrating where each figure fits into the narrative of history. At year’s end, students have keepsake books to remind them what they’ve learned, as well as which historical figures were contemporary with other figures from different parts of the world.

BP publishes one Timeline for each year of study. Both the Timeline book and the Family Guide list the appropriate timeline figures for each week.


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Why should you buy BiblioPlan Timelines?
  • Because children learn by seeing as well as by hearing, reading, writing and doing. Timelines help bring history to life by giving your children pictures of important historical figures and showing them where in history these figures belong.

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