Introduction to Giants of the Faith

Adaptable for All Grades

Giants of the Faith is a notebooking project that helps students learn more about Christian heroes. There are four sets of Giants, one for each year of BP. Ancients has 57 giants; Medieval 39; Early Modern 44; and Modern 39. Students are invited to:

  • Copy a quote from each giant, or a Bible verse about him or her.

  • Research key facts about each giant, such as names, dates and places of ministry

  • Write in their own words what they learn.

  • Illustrate what they learn with pictures of the giant.

  • Present what they learn in well-organized, keepsake notebooks.

There are two pages for each giant. The first page has three sections:

  1. The top of the page asks for basic data about the giant: dates, birthplace, place of ministry, and what he or she is best known for.

  2. The middle of the page asks students to copy a quote from the giant, or a Bible verse about him or her.

  3. The bottom of the page has several lines for a short biography of the giant.

Younger students may stop with the first page. Older students may go on to the second, which includes more lines for a longer biography of the giant. They may print as many copies of the second page as they need to finish their biography.

Parents and teachers who are following BiblioPlan can use Giants of The Faith as a supplement. A chart lists which giants go with which week of BP.

Those who aren’t following BiblioPlan can still use Giants of the Faith, in any order and on any time schedule they choose!


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