Introduction to Hands-On Europe

Adaptable for Grades 2 – 12

Hands-On Europe is a fun notebooking project that helps history and geography students learn the countries of Europe. The Hands-On Europe e-book contains 43 sets of notebooking pages, one for each of 43 countries of Europe. Each set invites students to:

  • Research key geographical data for each country, along with fascinating facts about the national flag, notable citizens and more

  • Write in their own words what they learn.

  • Illustrate what they learn with pictures of state symbols.

  • Present what they learn in well-organized, keepsake notebooks.

Each set of notebooking pages is custom-designed for its particular country, with pictures of the national flag, national symbols and more.

The project book also includes an answer key. If the resources available to your students don't provide the answers they need, then you can always turn to the answer key for help.

Hands-on Europe contains three pages per country, each more detailed than the last. This arrangement allows parents and teachers to tailor notebooking projects for students of different grade levels, according to these suggestions:

  1. Students in grades 2 – 4 might complete only the first page. Page one covers basic details about each country, including its capital, system of government, major ethnic groups, religions and more.

  2. Students in grades 4 – 8 might complete the first two pages. Page two adds details about national symbols.

  3. Students in grades 8 – 12 might complete all three pages. The third page asks students to research and write brief reports on each country’s history and geography.

Parents and teachers who are following BiblioPlan can use Hands-On Europe as a supplement to Year Two, which divides Europe as follows:

  1. Unit One covers 9 Balkan countries.
  2. Unit Two covers 8 countries of Northern Europe and the Baltic States.
  3. Unit Three covers 6 countries of Central Europe.
  4. Unit Four covers 7 countries of Western Europe.
  5. Unit Five covers 7 countries of Southern Europe.
  6. Unit Six covers 6 countries of Eastern Europe.

A chart lists which country or countries go with which BiblioPlan week.

Those who aren’t following BiblioPlan can still use Hands-On Europe to teach the countries of Europe , in any order and on any time schedule they choose.

For parents and teachers who wish to test how much their students have learned, Hands-on Europe also contains an exam.


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