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The Family Guide is a resource guide filled with reading options, writing options and more. With the Family Guide, there’s no need to write lesson plans, because they’re already done! The Family Guide identifies the best history and literature resources for your students to read, and then lets you choose which ones to assign.

There is one Family Guide for each year of study. Like all of BP’s materials, the Family Guide is designed for a 34-week school year. If you follow a 36-week school year, then that leaves two extra weeks for testing, review, parties and so on. But you can also stretch the material into a longer year, or squeeze it into a shorter one.

It all starts with book lists. For each unit of study, the Family Guide provides an Annotated Book List with brief descriptions of all our recommended books for four grade levels: K - 2, 3 - 5, 5 - 8 and 8 - 12. Some of them are "spines," or main history texts. Others are literature books that help your students understand history. BP users peruse these lists to decide which books best suit their students' needs. The Family Guide also provides book lists without descriptions to use as shopping/wish lists.

Then come the reading assignment pages. Each Family Guide includes one 2-page spread for each week of study. These pages tell you which readings go with each week of study:

  1. First come the history readings. The top of each reading assignment page is divided into 3 columns for 3 lessons per week. These columns tell you which chapters from each "spine," or main history text, go along with the topics in the Companion/Remember the Days.
  2. Next come the literature readings. This section tells you which literature books go along with each week.

Beyond all this, the reading assignment pages also include:

  • Writing assignments for each week
  • Bible readings for each week
  • Movie, video and audio options for most weeks
  • Crafts, games and other fun activities from our Craft Book for each week
  • Memory work options for each unit of study (usually 5 – 7 weeks)
  • Family read-aloud selections
  • Veritas and Classical Conversations Cards: For BP users who also follow Veritas or Classical Conversations, we list the appropriate cards to go along with each week of BP.


Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

How many books must I find or buy?
The number of books you choose is totally dependent on your situation. Voracious readers may devour two or more literature books per week; while reluctant readers may struggle to finish two literature books per unit. Aim for a workload that will challenge your students without pushing them too hard.

Guidelines for Choosing Books
  • Just because a student is reading at a certain grade level doesn’t mean that he or she is restricted to that level! Students tend to stay more engaged if they are given a wide variety of books to read on different levels. Feel free to choose the books that interest your student most, even if they are on the easier lists. The books for younger readers may be just as history-rich as the ones for older readers. Parents and teachers know best what their students are capable of reading.
  • Many of our K – 2 selections are picture books that you will probably read aloud to your students.
  • Most of our 3+ selections are books that third graders can read independently, with perhaps a bit of help. These selections often make perfect read-alouds for grades K – 2. For this reason, parents and teachers with children from both of these grade levels often buy the 3+ books to use for both.

Where do I find all of these books?
Many of our selections are available at your local library, or through free e-reader services like the Gutenberg Project.

If you wish to buy some of your books online, then try linking to them through the book lists on this website. BP lists its literature selections for all four years, along with links to stores where these books are available-- mainly Amazon and Christian Book Distributors. Follow these links BP's book lists:

Year One Book ListYear Two Book ListYear Three Book ListYear Four Book List


GradesYear OneYear TwoYear ThreeYear Four
BP Remember the DaysK - 7XXX
Story of the WorldK - 8XXXX
Mystery of History4 - 12XXXX
Child's Story of AmericaK - 3XX
Trial and TriumphK - 8XXX
Usborne EncyclopediaK - 8XXXX
Victor Journey4 - 8X
Rats, Bulls and Flying Machines4 - 12X
History of US (Hakim)4 - 12XX
Famous Men of ... Series6 - 12XXXX

Why should you buy a Family Guide?
  • Because it saves you the time and trouble of preparing your own lesson plans. The Family Guide pulls together all of the best history resources, and then presents them in an organized way that is easy to use for all grades.

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