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BP Craft Books are filled with history-related crafts, foods and activities based on the lessons in the Companion/Remember the Days. Some are chosen to recall specific events from history, such as the Gunpowder Plot or the English Civil War. Others help introduce students to foreign cultures, national symbols and the like. All are inexpensive, simple and fun for all ages.

BP publishes one Craft Book for each year of study. Both the Craft Book and the Family Guide list the appropriate crafts for each week. Although the Craft Book is designed specifically to accompany BiblioPlan, it is easily adaptable to any curriculum.


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Why should you buy BiblioPlan Craft Books?
  • Because the weekly crafts and activities in the Craft Book help bring lessons to life, cementing them in the minds of your students. For example, if your students only hear the words gladius and scutum once, then they may soon forget that these are the Roman words for "sword" and "shield." However, if your students craft gladii and scuta of their own to keep, then they may remember these words forever.

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