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The Companion is a Christian-worldview textbook for all ages. It provides a framework for understanding where the living books in the Family Guide fit into the overall narrative of history.

There is one Companion for each year of study. Like all of BP’s materials, the Companion is divided into 34 chapters for a 34-week school year. If you follow a 36-week school year, then that leaves two extra weeks for testing, review, parties and so on. But you can also stretch the material into a longer year, or squeeze it into a shorter one.

Students of different ages use the Companion in different ways:

  • For older students, the Companion serves as a textbook, providing a running historical narrative from Creation through modern times.
  • For younger students, the Companion serves as an enrichment supplement. Instead of reading the whole Companion, BP users may follow these guidelines:

    1. Grades K – 2: Parents and teachers may use “Reading Suggestions for Littles,” found at the top of each Cool History for Littles assignment page, to decide which sections of the Companion to read to their students. K – 2 students may also enjoy coloring a page from the Coloring Book, perhaps while you are teaching your older students.
    2. Grades 2 – 7: Younger students in this age group may read only the sections of the Companion they need to finish their assignments. Older students in this age group may read as much as their parents and teachers assign, up to the whole book. As always, parents and teachers know best what their students can handle.

The Companion is designed in a colorful style that grabs students’ attention. The narrative of history appears in regular black-on-white text in prose form, timeline form or combined prose/timeline form. Fascinating facts, unique characters, definitions, tables and the like appear on colored backgrounds, making them easier to find and study. Each Companion interweaves God’s Word and Church History with the overall narrative of history, helping students understand the Christian themes and connections that reappear throughout.

It is up to parents and teachers to decide which sections of the Companion are appropriate for children of different ages. Of necessity, the Companion sometimes describes cruel, violent deeds done by villains with base motives. Parents may judge some of this material to be beyond the maturity level of younger readers. We judge most of it to be appropriate for independent reading by older middle school and high school students. A few sections have parental warnings attached, and parents should use their discretion with these.


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Why should you buy a Companion?
  • Because the Companion helps you teach the same era of history to children of different ages at the same time.
  • Because the Companion brings all of your weekly readings together, summarizing what your students should learn each week.
  • Because the Companion adds Bible teaching and a Christian worldview to your history lessons.
  • Because the Companion enriches your class time with fun, interesting facts that you can share to liven up your lessons.

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