Getting Started with BiblioPlan

Click the toggles below to learn the basics of BP in three easy steps.

Four English monarchs of the Tudor dynasty: Henry VIII at center, Edward VI and Elizabeth I at right, Mary I (a.k.a. Bloody Mary) with husband Philip II of Spain at left

A typical week of BP starts with reading your textbook and doing your assignments. Our textbooks are Remember the Days for younger students, and Consider the Years or the BP Companion for older students. All have 34 chapters for 34 weeks, leaving two free weeks in a typical 36-week school year. To get started, simply assign one chapter per week.

Also assign the workbook pages for each week. BP history workbooks are called Cool Histories, while BP geography workbooks are called Hands-on Maps. Your students can do either one or both. Use our free e-book answer keys to check your students’ work, assigning grades if you like.

Besides textbooks and workbooks, BP also offers all these supplements to enhance your study time:

  • The BP Discussion Guide helps you review the chapter, making sure your students understand and remember what they’ve read. It also helps you draw your students out, challenging them to think more deeply— especially about the spiritual implications of what they’ve read.
  • The BP Timeline is a year-long, cut-and-paste project book that helps students grasp the flow of history.
  • The BP Craft Book offers craft, game and food ideas to help keep students engaged.
  • BP Notebooking helps students learn research, writing and presentation skills.

Textbooks and workbooks are just the beginning. To really understand the past, students must read literature that takes them back to the past. The BP Family Guide suggests age-appropriate literature options for every lesson and unit. Parents and teachers can choose as much extra literature as they want, or as little as they want—whatever fits their students’ needs.