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Consider the Years is our new series of history texts for high schoolers. Only the first book in the series, Ancient Years, is on sale now. The rest will become available over the next few years, Lord willing, starting with Modern Years in early 2024.

Like our Companion texts before them, our Consider the Years texts cover Biblical and Church History side-by-side with World and U.S. History. Also like our Companions, they are loaded with pictures and fascinating facts to break up the narrative. With more than 1200 images per year, these are not the dry texts your high schoolers have come to dread. They are thorough and thought-provoking, but also fun.

"The Death of Julius Caesar"
"The Death of Julius Caesar" by William Sullivan

Sample Chapters from Consider the Years (Click a cover to choose a year:)

Ancients Consider the Years Cover
Ancient Years Sample
Medieval Companion Cover
Medieval Companion Sample
Early Modern Companion Cover
Early Companion Sample
Modern Companion Cover
Modern Companion Sample

Three of our Consider the Years / Companion texts also come in MP3 audio!
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Consider the Years fits high schoolers best, but can also fit advanced middle schoolers.

Cool History for Upper Middles, Cool History for Advanced and Hands-On Maps for Advanced are all written for Consider the Years.