Get to Know BP Hands-on History

BP Hands-on History Books are stuffed with history-related crafts, foods and activities based on the lessons in Remember the Days and the Companion. Some recall specific events from history, like the Gunpowder Plot or the Defenestration of Prague. Others help introduce students to foreign cultures, national symbols and the like. All can be inexpensive, simple and fun for everyone.

Apple St. Nicholas Craft
Apple-bodied St. Nicholas Craft

Sample Pages from BP Hands-on History (Click a cover to choose a year:)

Ancients Sample
Hands-On Medieval History Cover
Medieval Sample
Hands-On Early Modern History Cover
Early Modern Sample
Hands-on Modern History Cover
Modern Sample


BP Hands-on History can be fun for everyone. Although younger students may enjoy them most, we recommend them for all agesespecially for families with a mix of younger and older students.

Usually one per family or classroom.