BiblioPlan maintains this list of known typos and other errors in the current editions of all of its products. If you happen to notice an error that isn't listed here, please let us know!

Year One, Ancients:

  • Companion, Chapter 4: Section on Terah should say that Lot is Abram's nephew, not his cousin.
  • Family Guide p. 65 on the 7/8 Readers page - the Author section should be BLANK.
  • Family Guide p. 101, Logic writing idea refers to a chart that no longer exists. Instead use this: Compare the Hindu idea of karma with the Christian idea of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. The comparison is that the Hindu achieves ever‐higher castes through the accumulation of good works; while in Christianity, the only work that counts toward salvation is Christ’s finished work on the cross.
  • Family Guide, 2013 edition: The weekly assignment pages should say Story of the World Volume 1, not Volume 4
  • Family Guide, 2013 edition: Week 4 - Usborne Assignment should say none
  • Family Guide, 2013 edition:  Week 4 - Story of the World Assignment should say Chapter 6:  The Jewish People p 35-38 "God Speaks to Abraham"
  • Family Guide, 2013 edition:  Week 4 - MOH Assignment should say Week 5 "Abraham"
  • Family Guide p. 14: Cultural Atlas Series:  Ancient Rome is by Mike Corbishley and not Anton Powell. 
  • Family Guide, the Mystery of History section in the lessons plans should not have the IV label on it.  Volumes I and II are used in Year 2. 

Year Two, Medieval:

  • Companion p. 147, line 4 should read "round shields," not "round shields called kite shields." Kite shields were later, longer Viking shields that covered the warrior's legs as well as his torso.
  • Companion p. 677 - Mary's mother was Catherine of Aragon, not Anne Boleyn
  • Family Guide - The book "Twice Freed" should be read in both weeks 2 and 3.

Year Three, Early Modern:

  • Family Guide: Week 3 Story of the World Reading should be chapter 3 (James, King of Two Countries) James and His Enemies
  • Family Guide: Week 4 Story of the World Reading should be chapter 3 (James, King of Two Countries) King James's Town
  • Companion page 204: Second Table of Commandments should read 5-10, not 6-10

Year Four, Modern:

  • In previous versions of the High School book list for Unit 3, the book "Jewel" by Brett Lott somehow slipped by our earlier censors. We consider this book inappropriate for high schoolers, and it does not appear in the current edition of our Family Guide-- nor will it appear in any future editions.
  • Companion, page 61, under "The Battle of Shiloh": Currently reads, "When Buell arrived, the combined force planned to move south for an attack on Confederate defenses at Corinth, Tennessee, home to an important railroad junction near Knoxville." Should read: "When Buell arrived, the combined force planned to attack the Confederates at Corinth, Mississippi, home to an important railroad junction."
  • Cool History for Advanced Answer Key for Week 6, Question 1 should be 1877, not 1876.
  • Hands-On Maps for Week 8 should ask for 37 states, not 38.
  • Timeline: Uncle Tom's Cabin belongs on the same page as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. Its label is missing.
  • Tests for Advanced and Upper Middles cover weeks 1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-23, 24-28 and 29-34.

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