BiblioPlan for Families is a classical Christian history and literature curriculum designed for homeschoolers, homeschool cooperative students and Christian school students in grades K - 12. BiblioPlan offers fun, family-friendly lessons that enrich your children’s studies of all of these subjects:

Ancient History Medieval History Modern History
U.S. History World History Biblical History
Geography Social Studies Missionary Studies
Literature Art Creative Writing

BiblioPlan’s survey of history is divided into four years:

For each of these four years, BiblioPlan offers nine helpful products:

  1. BiblioPlan Family Guides: Family Guides outline your daily course of study for you. They identify the best, most age-appropriate spine and supplemental reading choices for all levels, grades K-12; and then they tell you which readings to assign every day.

  2. BiblioPlan Companions: Companions serve as both textbooks and history supplements for all ages. As textbooks, Companions bring all of each week’s history lessons together in one place. As supplements, Companions add plenty of fun and interesting facts from history to liven up your class time.

  3. BiblioPlan Family Discussion Guides: Family Discussion Guides provide discussion-starting questions to help home schooling families get the most out of each lesson.

  4. BiblioPlan Cool Histories: Cool Histories are weekly assignment sheets based on the lessons in the Family Guides and the Companions. BiblioPlan offers four different Cool Histories for four different age/grade levels: Littles (Grades K-2), Middles (Grades 2-6), Upper Middles (Grades 6-8) and Advanced (Grades 8-12). The Upper Middles and Advanced levels include unit tests.

  5. BiblioPlan Hands-On Maps: Hands-On Maps are weekly geography assignments based on the lessons in the Family Guides and the Companions. BiblioPlan offers two different Hands-On Maps for two different age/grade levels: Middles (Grades 2-8) and Advanced (Grades 8-12). The Advanced level includes unit tests.

  6. BiblioPlan Timelines: Timelines are notebooks with cutouts of important historical figures and events. By pasting these figures into their timeline charts each week, students can build memorable, graphic representations of their entire year's study.

  7. BiblioPlan Craft Books: Craft Books are colorful collections of arts, crafts and activities that go along with the lessons in the Family Guides and the Companions.

  8. BiblioPlan Coloring Books: Coloring Books are collections of simple sketches from history for the little ones to color.

  9. BiblioPlan Teacher's Guides: Teacher's Guides contain complete lesson plans, discussion guides, craft ideas, answer keys-- everything a homeschool cooperative or Christian school teacher needs!

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